My Values

What we do for work often plays an integral role in shaping how we define ourselves. But, in my view, this misses the very important defining characteristics of a person, their values and priorities. See below to gain a better understanding of my values and priorities.

John Saulie-Rohman

2 min read

The defining values in my life are a commitment to my family and my community. Raising a young family is no easy task. With four children, ages 8-17 year old, I know very well the difficulties in navigating the changing landscape of our society. The economic struggles of young working families have had a considerable impact on the fabric of our communities. Being active participants in our children's lives is critical in ensuring we maintain a tight knit community bond. Throughout the years I have coached various youth sports, and ensured families are folded into the community, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Spending time as a community and strengthening our bonds with our neighbors is paramount to ensuring our future generations will be able to do the same.

Outside of the community, we value spending time outdoors as much as possible. We enjoy exploring the many hiking trails throughout the area. We also enjoy exploring the rivers, when flows are appropriate, on our white water raft. Introducing white water rafting to my young family has been exciting, and scary at times, enforcing the importance of working together and strengthening our bond in a unique environment from a different perspective.

So what's the point of all of this? In my view, it is vitally important we prioritize our family and the community in which we are active participants. By being active participants in our community, we enforce and build upon the critical values which seem to be disintegrating before our eyes. We must preserve these most basic bonds within our community and put aside our political and socioeconomic differences, because in the end we are all in this together.

Additionally, prioritizing outdoor experiences seems to be something of the distant past. As our lives become increasingly complicated, with work, as well as the increasing role of technology in our everyday lives, outdoor experiences are being prioritized less and less. As we lose our connection to nature, we stop prioritizing its preservation and lose sight of what is most important, ensuring our future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy clean flowing rivers, lakes, mountains, and air.