The Way I See It

Our insatiable appetite for global dominance is pushing us to the precipice of economic ruin. Our misguided pursuit of regime change operations over the years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya have cost us trillions of dollars and untold numbers of lives around the world. Many of our representatives continue to support the massacre in Gaza, ensuring the continuation of some of the most heinous war crimes we have seen in our lifetime.

We must rise above the rhetoric and our political allegiances. We must resist the narrative of constant threats we're told we face, stop the cycle of endless war, and pursue diplomacy.

Foreign Policy

We are in the throes of a financialized economy, prioritizing Wall Street and large financial institutions, while infrastructure and investment in the public domain languishes. Our congress is dominated by special interest lobbying, ensuring these misguided policies continue.

I support the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, separating commercial and investment banking. I will pursue a comprehensive investigation into the destructive practices of private equity and the significant harm imposed on our communities and businesses. My independence from party politics and pledge to only accept campaign contributions from individual contributors seeks to ensure my priorities will always be devoted to my constituents.

National Economy

The costs of healthcare continue to skyrocket unabated. In 2023, the Health Sector Lobby contributed $745,396,217 to our elected representatives, ranking as the top spending lobby in the federal government. This infusion of lobbying funds is not intended to benefit the American people who rely on these critical services. Rather, it is to ensure congress continues to legislate in favor of profits over the health and wellbeing of the American people. The increasing trend of private equity in our hospitals, nursing homes, and physician practices is significantly affecting the cost and quality of care.

Millions of families, young and old, are one sickness away from losing everything or having their retirement evaporate before their eyes. This should not be the case in one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

In my view, this corrupt, inefficient system has gone too far, and significant policy changes must be instituted by Congress. Whether it is via a nationalized healthcare system or a game changing overhaul, I will seek to push our healthcare system to favor the patients and not the businesses siphoning off our hard earned income.


The “Border Crisis” could have been addressed years ago. However, through multiple administrations, the problem has persisted. This is because our economy has come to depend on cheap, exploitable labor. Some of the largest and most successful businesses across different sectors of the economy are actively ensuring, through lobbying efforts, that the steady stream of cheap labor will continue.

When debating the policies contributing to this longstanding issue, and seeking to determine the optimal solution, we must be honest with the American people. The solution to this problem does not reside on either side of this polarized debate, rather somewhere in the middle. Until we have an honest debate, based on objective, factual, evidence, we will fail to identify the solutions necessary.

We must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches we seek. Whether it be a position of absolute closure or be more accepting of individuals wishing to enter the country, each argument has its own merits and should be honestly debated.

Southern Border

We are in unprecedented times. As we face controversy at home and abroad, it is imperative we seek to protect the foundational rights upon which our democracy depends. Our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and our right to privacy is vital to ensuring democracy is preserved.

Our duty as citizens is to question everything, especially our policy makers. Scientists, scholars, subject matter experts, and independent journalists are regularly censored, as they seek to uphold their responsibility to inform the people and challenge the prescribed narrative while maintaining their journalistic integrity. Censorship prohibits the free flow of accurate information and undermines public trust.

It is crucial for us, as citizens, to remain vigilant, demand transparency and accountability from our policy makers.

Free Speech captures the essence of a free and open society. It is vital we strive to preserve it.

Our Rights